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Tracy Berger handcrafts these unique, one-of-a kind office desks made from antique square grand pianos.

The ornate legs are a distinguishing feature of a square grand piano, providing a bold statement for an office desk. The white inlays are made for the original ivory keys from the piano and drawer pulls are the sharp keys. The decal inside the center drawer is a reproduction of the original lettering on the face of the piano. Each piano comes with an office lamp constructed from the piano's lyre. The foot pedals contain a hidden on/off switch. These desks are not only showpieces, but are usable pieces of office furniture. Each desk contains drawers and pullout writing surfaces for extra space.

Many of these square grand pianos are known more for their beauty rather than their actual technical sound quality. Tracy Berger recognized the potential for these beautiful pieces and as a result, started crafting original one-of a kind office desks. Berger's Furniture Refinishing has developed these unique office showpieces for a select few clients and guarantees not two-office desks are alike.

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Custom Square Grand Piano Desks

The Process